Blue Danube Systems--Operators turn to Massive MIMO to solve their capacity problems.

Author:Krishnamoorthy, Sesh
Position:Mobile World Congress 2018: Trends and Comment from Industry Specialists - Sesh Krishnamoorthy - Brief article

"One of the biggest challenges facing operators today is that consumers are increasingly using their phones for highbandwidth LTE services--such as HD video streaming which is impacting network throughput and user experience. At MWC 2018, we will see new technology that can address operators' capacity demands and performance issues in high-density areas, in a cost-effective way.

"This new technology will be in the form of innovations in Massive MIMO. The technology can direct antenna energy to areas where users are accessing high-bandwidth services, whilst directing it away from areas where there are no, or fewer users. It can also reduce overall network interference by directing radio frequency signals to desired users. Critically, the technology can...

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