The Birth of Modern Turkey: The Ottoman Military and the March to World War 1.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief article - Book review

THE BIRTH OF MODERN TURKEY THE OTTOMAN MILITARY AND THE MARCH TO WORLD WAR 1 By Handan Nezir Akmese published by IB TAURIS ISBN 1 85043 797 1 price 45.00 [pounds sterling] hardback

The Ottoman military played a decisive role in the 'Young Turk' revolution of 1908. Among the officers of the revolution there was a common belief that its success depended on the material and moral strength of the army, which they saw as the very cornerstone of the nation itself. The guide and mentor to the Ottoman military was Imperial Germany as the military developed its version of the Prussian 'School of Empire'--a set of ideas and practices which in the eyes of...

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