BIRT downloads surpass 10 million.

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Actuate Corporation have reported that BIRT has now been downloaded over 10 million times, there are now over a million BIRT developers worldwide and in less than 4 years, Actuate has generated over $55 million in BIRT-related business.

Other BIRT related momentum for Q3 2010 includes:

* BIRT-related business of over $5.1 million,

* Over 50% increase in BIRT-related license business from first 9 months of FY09;

* Over 140 BIRT-related transactions bringing the total since beginning of 2008 to over 1,200;

* Over 32,000 total BIRT community registrations on BIRT Exchange to date;

* Contribution from Open Source BIRT users remains strong;

* Commercial downloads from BIRT Exchange continue to increase;

* The BIRT Exchange Marketplace now houses 77 applications, over half of...

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