'You are the best'.

Author:Cruceanu, Viorel
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

Congratulations on your 500th issue! New African has been the conscience of Africa for the past 44 years. During this time, your faithful readers have become the well-informed witnesses of the African ethos.

The five decades of African independence have offered us contrasting realities: from the apprenticeship of liberty to the tyranny of the one-party state; from political murders to the heroism of the liberation wars; from the repetitive coups d'etat to the re-establishment of democratic rule; from the identity crises (civil wars, authoritarian rule, etc) to the revival of the African unification spirit; from unjust external interference to the forging of an authentic African destiny.

Throughout this period, the competence and passion of your editorial team have transformed New African...

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