Beijing Conference on the Neural Machine Translation Revolution.


The demand of large Chinese corporations for quality translation services is being driven by three main industries: e-commerce, mobile and video gaming and software.

Top tech companies who are active in China are set to attend a one-day conference in Beijing, which focusses on the use of Neural Machine Technology (NMT) in the globalization process of Chinese companies. The conference will take place on September 11th and is organized by One Hour Translation (OHT), an online platform which provides translations in more than 100 languages and 3,000 language pairs.

As the global reach of Chinese companies continues to expand, the need for translation services is rising exponentially. Many Chinese companies have already switched from human translation services to NMT engines and hybrid online translation services that combine NMT and human post-editing.

OHT has been expanding rapidly in the past few years in the Chinese market, which is currently the fastest growing for the company. China is already one of OHT's five largest markets with revenues having more than doubled in the past two years. The company counts among its clients some of the largest and most well-known Chinese names in the technology field. OHT's NMT projects rely on all the industry's well known NMT engines like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but on the emerging Chinese engines, according to Yaron Kaufman, Chief...

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