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Position:Special permits to make residence official


Citizens of Lesotho can apply for special permits to make their residence in South Africa official. Applications can be made online at or at centres in every province.

The Lesotho Special Permit programme applies to those who were in the country before the end of September 2015.

"We want people to realise that this special permit is intended to make the lives of the Basotho people easier," said Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba.

"We call upon employers to assist in encouraging, facilitating and allowing their employees to apply for the special permit.

"The end result will be improved relations and cooperation between Lesotho and SA, and smuggling and human trafficking will also be more easily tackled."

"The conflict around Migingo and Ugingo may not necessarily be about the location of the islands but most probably it is a conflict over resources. Any strategy or intervention must therefore ensure that access to resources, especially fisheries, by Kenyan citizens is not jeopardised."

Juster Nkoroi, head of the Kenya International Boundaries Office, commenting on a longstanding dispute between Kenya and Uganda over two islands in Lake Victoria.

The Gambia's navy chief, Lt. Commander Momodou Badjie, is allegedly on the run. A newscast aired by the state-controlled GRT5 (Gambia Radio and Television Services) stated that Badjie is a fugitive after he allegedly misappropriated a huge sum of money from the Gambia's armed forces. The government said Badjie should be arrested on sight.

"We would like to make this very clear that it is reflected in the document both Sudan and South Sudan had signed during the days of the comprehensive peace agreement that they have a joint sovereignty over Abyei, until the sons of the nine Ng'ok Dinka decide in a referendum which country they would belong to and that is what the government will insist to have."

Former South Sudan foreign minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, denying that the government was considering refusing Ng'ok Dinka South Sudanese citizenship. He was sacked soon after.

The president of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa has lodged a High Court action in Dublin against Facebook. It is not clear why Ismail Omar Guelleh is suing but he has hired a law firm based in Eire who have declined to comment. The country is in the middle of a presidential election campaign with the vote scheduled for this month.

"To all the Fly Salone passengers who have flying...

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