A beef with Baffour.

Author:Edea, Kid
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I found Baffour Ankomah's "wide ranging" interview with the Tanzanian president, Jakaya Kikwete (NA, June) rather eulogistic and obsequious. While Baffour thought it was in the nation's interest for Tanzanian taxpayers to pay for regular "good-loser therapy" to sore losers in politics, he didn't deem it worthy knowing how much of the Tanzanians' taxes were miraculously disappearing form the Treasury.

Tanzania is the third largest gold producer in Africa, but how much of the revenue is trickling down to the ordinary wananchi? Not much at all. It is easy to talk about how the country is "boldly marching into greatness" but that is just what it is--talk. It is the few golden-handshakers who are marching into greatness at die expense of everybody.

There is no hope for Africa unless we get serious with corruption within top-level government circles. It is a vicious cycle that swirls into instability and devastating poverty. That is the Africa we have...

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