Azure's growth proves the future is multi-cloud.

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"Cloud is here to stay and Microsoft's Azure business has proved just that by recording incredible growth over the past year. It still has a long way to go to dislodge AWS, but it's gaining ground on the number one player in the cloud services market, while outperforming Google and IBM. Microsoft's investment in Azure has paid off thanks to more and more enterprises choosing to migrate services and applications to public cloud infrastructures. The trend is irreversible, there is no going back. Enterprises and large organisations simply have no choice, they need the scale and flexibility that cloud provides to grow their businesses and remain competitive.

"To support their cloud strategies businesses will look to adopt a multi-cloud approach, and utilise a mixture of services from different providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft. Multi-cloud environments enable businesses to mitigate business and IT risks while leveraging different advantages from each provider. It's a win-win situation for the public cloud providers as more organisations wake-up to benefits of multi-cloud.

"However, as companies shift towards...

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