Autotask unveils industry's first unified RMM and PSA platform.

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Delivers increased efficiency, unified workflows and centralised asset data to Technology Service Providers Autotask has deployed the first unified IT Business Management platform, combining PSA and RMM capabilities to provide a seamless cross-product user experience, realtime asset management, and consolidated analytics for devices and service activity. In contrast to more cumbersome PSA-RMM integrations which provide a limited alert-to-service-incident workflow, the Autotask unified platform now delivers real-time, bi-directional synchronisation and reporting for improved efficiency, service delivery and business insights.

"This update provides something totally unique to the industry that gives MSPs access to capabilities they didn't think were possible," said Patrick Burns, VP of Product Management, Autotask. "We believe services and devices are the foundation of any IT practice, and belong together in a single product experience. We are delivering the ability to perform work via a single interface, and providing business stakeholders with unified analytics to better understand the relationship between service delivery and computing environments leading to more informed, strategic decisions about the business. The resulting increases in productivity, responsiveness and insight allow customers to accelerate growth and transform their business."

"Having to go back and forth between two systems resulted in countless delays. We had to do far too...

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