Automated patching: an easier approach to managing your network security.

Author:Schultze, Eric

Patch management is an essential administration task within today's busy IT networks with the constant threat of new security bugs. Some companies will wait for an attack before taking necessary action to protect themselves from further threat whilst others consider patching as often as possible. Patching networks consists of scanning machines for any missing patches and deploying those patches as soon as they become available. Using an automated patch management solution is the best way to avoid problems when a security threat/bug is issued from Microsoft on the first Tuesday of each month.

Saving network bandwidth and being able to deploy patches from a remote source is also a major benefit to organisations today.

Determining what to patch and when is one of the most problematic issues facing enterprises. An expert panel at an Information Security Decisions conference in Chicago, USA said the ever-diminishing window of time between vulnerability's announcement and an exploit's release makes it crucial to analyze and patch the areas most likely to be attacked first.

One example of a security...

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