Atlanta: Focused ort Growth Through Route Development.


The city of Atlanta--like few cities in the world--displays an unrivaled diversity of people and culture, a spirit of openness and hospitality, and true international character.

Atlanta is a proven leader in economic and business development; home to a thriving, global business community; and the leading global city in the Southeastern United States.

Atlanta's No. 1 economic development tool is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATI). The Airport supports more than 400,000 jobs in metro Atlanta and makes a direct regional economic impact of more than $65 billion.

In 2017, ATL topped 103.9 million passengers and that number is expected to increase. ATL accommodates more than 2,500 flights daily, with nonstop service to more than 170 domestic and 70 international destinations.

Hartsfield-Jackson is not resting on its achievements. The Airport is preparing for the future with a renewed commitment to growth in passenger and cargo air service development or route development, as is the terminology used in Europe, and necessary supportive infrastructure.

A key ingredient in the Airport's air service development plans is Hartsfield-Jackson's innovative Air Service Incentive Program (ASIP). ASIP is designed to stimulate international air cargo and passenger growth, particularly along routes that link Atlanta to the world's fastest-growing economies.

The incentive program waives landing fees for up to two years for qualified passenger airlines starting international routes not already served from Atlanta and matches up to one-half of promotional costs, capped at $50,000. International cargo service carriers benefit from a waiver of both landing and parking fees during the same periods.

The highest tier of benefits are available to carriers starting service to major economies with the greatest potential for passenger and cargo growth, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean in addition to select countries such as Switzerland, Qatar, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Ukraine.

Carriers starting service to other parts of Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia can receive consideration for midtier benefits, including an 18-month waiver of landing and parking fees and up to $35,000 matching promotional support. Total ASIP for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 was $866,620.56.

Along with being one of the ASIP target destinations, Africa is receiving additional attention from the Hartsfield-Jackson Air Service...

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