Arresting argument.

Author:Michaud, Paul
Position:Cameroon - MP Laurent Mongkuo Ngupeong, drug trafficking - Brief Article

Embarrassed beyond measure, the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party of Cameroon, has vowed to punish (even "expel") an erring MP who was arrested recently in Paris for drug trafficking.

Laurent Mongkuo Ngupepong, an SDF MP, was arrested on 28 January in Paris with 30 kg of cannabis in his possession. He was reported to have told the French police that he smuggled the drugs to finance his forthcoming re-election campaign in Cameroon.

An outspoken politician and a lawyer to boot, Ngupepong was briefly held by the Parisian police and then released. His whereabouts were still unknown at the time of going to press.

But back home in Cameroon, his embarrassed SDF party was not taking the news lightly. It has pledged to make him pay for his sin if the facts turned out to be true.

Evariste Fopoussi, the party's spokesman, told Radio France International on 5 February that although the arrest was a personal matter which did not concern the party as a whole, Ngupepong would be punished when the party hierarchy had had time to look at all the evidence.

"This issue concerns only him," Fopoussi said. "He made it clear that he wanted to finance his campaign. So, this does not concern us. His electoral campaign takes place in his constituency. I don't know the cost of the...

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