Aristide's rescue: subverting pan-African aspirations?

Author:Panyin, Ekow
Position:This Month's Prize Letter - Letter to the Editor

In the 'Business Briefs' section of the Aug/Sept 2004 issue, you carried a item entitled: 'Aristide's R1m joyride'. I consider this a prime example of irresponsible journalism. It betrays an anti pan-Africanist attitude on the part of your editorial policy and, in so doing, supports the imperialist subversion of Africa's right to national self-determination.

I think you are misguided in some of your assertions. South Africa's President Mbeki despatched a plane all the way to Haiti, Jamaica and the Central African Republic to evacuate the Aristide family and LAVALA officials to safety. What is the problem with that? May I remind you that the liberation of South Africa was the collective work of revolutionary pan-African forces worldwide. Mbeki and the ANC owe that movement a...

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