Arabian Flavours: Recipes and Tales of Arab Life.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief article - Book review

ARABIAN FLAVOURS RECIPES AND TALES OF ARAB LIFE By Salah Jamal published by Souvenir Press ISBN 0 28563718 5 price 14.99 [pounds sterling] hardback

Salah Jamal gives a different flavour to what it means to be a Palestinian. His book takes readers to a place that reveals more about a culture than failed negotiations: the kitchen provides food for thought, so to speak, about Arab culture.

This collection of recipes offers rare insight into real Middle Eastern cuisine and family life. This distinctly different guide to Arab cooking provides authentic recipes for salads, meats, and desserts accompanied by thoughtful tales of Arab culture, etiquette and history. As the author recollects his childhood in Nablus, adventures in...

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