Apathy rules as green law looms: directors are unwilling to back their rhetoric with action.

Author:Howarth, Anita
Position:Environmental Reporting

Business leaders claim to care about the environment, yet are unprepared to act against suppliers that damage it, according to a survey by environmental rating company Trucost. But continued indifference could cost them if a proposed new law is introduced.

The survey found that 79 per cent of directors agreed they should measure the environmental performance of their suppliers, but only 32 per cent were prepared to change them if they were found to be damaging the environment.

Half of the respondents were unaware of the government's plans to force the UK's 1,000 biggest companies to report on their environmental performance. It has yet to set a legislative timetable, but the policy outlined in its Modernising Company Law white paper puts environmental reporting on the same footing as financial reporting--ie, the firms will have to spell...

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