Angola Cables connects Africa to the world: the telecoms infrastructure firm is planning a 6,500km submarine cable linking Brazil to Angola in a bid to revolutionise communications between countries joined by language but separated by distance.


The bonds between Angola and Brazil run deep, from a shared language and culture to increasingly vibrant business ties. Yet a distance of over 6,000km has often hampered effective communications between the countries.

A transformative project from Angola Cables, an international team of telecoms experts, is hoping to change all that. The firm's South Atlantic Cables System will be the first submarine cable in the southern hemisphere connecting Brazil to Angola--offering a revolution in communication between the regions.

The 6,500km underwater cable, sunk deep below the South Atlantic Ocean and connecting Sangano to Fortaleza, is a latest generation system designed to boost the efficiency of African internet connectivity among the fastest growing in the world--and allow for seamless communication with business partners and friends on the South American mainland. The cable will allow for a capacity of 40 terabytes per second--a data transmission rate providing users with exceptional service.

Yet the connection between those vibrant markets is only the beginning of Angola Cables' ambition to connect the African continent to the world. The firm's MONET submarine cable is due to link Fortaleza to Miami, Florida, putting African businesses within reaching distance of the huge potential of the United States market and its vast customer base. Following the successful installation of the South Atlantic Cables System, the company will also shift its focus to connecting Africa to the dynamic regions of the Middle East and the Far East--providing further opportunities still for business growth and private communication.

The expansion of this network comes at a crucial time in the African internet growth story. According to an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report in 2015, one in five Africans use the internet today, compared to almost two in five people in Asia-Pacific, and three in five people in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Only around 10.7% of African households have internet access, while the continent remains the only region where mobile broadband penetration remains below 20%. Potential in the market for mobile and data services remains immense.

Angola Cables will respond to this with a proven approach that has already seen the firm establish networks connecting Africa with developed markets. In 2012, the firm, with the help of European and African telecoms partners, successfully launched the West Africa Cable System...

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