1956 and All That.

Author:Goodway, David
Position:Book review

Keith Flett (ed.), 1956 and All That

Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. viii + 237 pp

ISBN 9781847181848. [pounds sterling]34-99

This volume prints contributions to a conference held by the (SWP-oriented) London Socialist Historians Group in 2006 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of a notable year, 1956. The de-Stalinization of the 20th Congress of the Soviet Union followed by the Russian suppression of the Hungarian Revolution are of particular importance for Trotskyists since the ensuing exodus from the Communist Party of Great Britain enabled them for the first time to become a significant component of the British left. In addition, Soviet intervention in Hungary coincided with the British and French invasion of Suez in a vain attempt to reverse Egyptian nationalization of the canal.

Keith Flett's non-existent editing of the texts particularly ill-serves the chapter most likely to interest readers of AS, but which regrettably cannot...

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