Ancestor Stones.

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Ancestor Stones


by Aminatta Forna

[pounds sterling]14.99 Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 9780747584728

This is the story of four lives: Asana, Mary, Hawa and Serah Kholifa, born to the different wives of a wealthy plantation owner in an Africa where change is just beginning to arrive. Asana, lost twin and head-wife's daughter. Hawa, motherless child and manipulator of her own misfortune. Mary, who sees what lies beyond this world. And Serah, follower of a Western-made dream.

And it is a portrayal of 21st century Africa through the remarkable stories of these four sisters. Abie has followed the arc of a letter from London back to Africa, to the coffee groves of Kholifa Estates, the plantation formerly owned by her grandfather. It is a place she remembers from childhood and which now belongs to her--if she wants it. Standing among the ruined...

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