Analysing Middle East Foreign Policies: And the Relationship with Europe.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

ANALYSING MIDDLE EAST FOREIGN POLICIES And the Relationship with Europe Edited by Gers Nonneman Published By Routledge ISBN 0 7146 8427 9 Price: 19.99 [pounds sterling]

At a time when the Middle East and North Africa--host to most of the world's oil and gas reserves--are often identified with threats of instability, rogue states, terrorism and migration, Europe has its own particular concerns about the region that sits on its doorstep. Yet a genuine understanding of what drives the behaviour of these states frequently remains elusive.

This book provides a conceptual framework for the analysis of Middle Eastern foreign policies in general, and for understanding these states' relations with Europe in particular. It examines the domestic, regional and international environments...

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