An enterprise without borders: solving the disconnect with connected platforms.

Author:Walker, Craig

Business leaders have more progressive expectations than before. Their forward-looking business goals call for integration with new capabilities and technologies--from artificial intelligence (Al) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bots and cloud services. None can be easily integrated into older platforms. Alongside this, CIOs are seeking closer partnerships with other organisations in their business ecosystem and need to develop ways to support borderless teams where internal employees, external team members, partners and contractors are able to work together and collaborate seamlessly regardless of location, device, or domain.

Workforces: breaking through enterprise borders

As shared workplaces and high-levels of mobility become increasingly integral to cross-enterprise collaboration, the ability to offer a fully searchable archive of messages and files becomes critical for businesses. As does the ability to easily integrate with third-party applications to automate workflows and advance collaboration among teams across enterprise boundaries. Yet often legacy enterprise communications solutions lack the flexibility to adapt to new business goals and technologies.

Eliminating borders with API-based Communications Platforms

This vision of the future is possible however, with communications platforms where open APIs take that essential next step to expand UC&C capabilities. Open architecture platforms make it easier to integrate new business processes and technology into collaboration tools--and offer a better connection between users and real-time information. This opens up new opportunities to connect not only with other employees, but end customers as well.

Contextual awareness can also bring subject matter experts into the conversation when customer and advisor need specific queries addressing. For example, a connected platform can integrate with existing on-site clinic or hospital equipment to help manage critical, real-time communications--providing essential notification services and alarms for doctors and nurses across a range of devices and platforms.

The same platform could offer real-time video conferencing capabilities for doctors to check up on discharged patients recuperating at home. Some patients may need to be reminded to take their medication after discharge. By integrating a communications platform with the hospital's processes and the patient's electronic medical record, automated alerts can be sent via text or phone...

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