An affront to our integrity.

Author:Akomolafe, Femi
Position:Membership in the Commonwealth - Brief Article - Letter to the Editor

Why do African Commonwealth leaders continue to maintain their membership of the Commonwealth? They should tell us what real wealth we have in common with the British who continue to build their wealth on the ignorance of our leaders. Belonging to these types of organisations is an affront to our integrity! Where is the wealth which our leaders continue to believe we have in common? Where is it?

Our leaders should stop believing that our countries' salvation will come from others. Our continued membership of the Commonwealth does nothing but remind us of the historical oppression foisted on us by a people who believe in building their fortunes on the misfortunes of others.

President Kufuor of Ghana might come from one of Africa's finest royal pedigree, but he and his team apparently believe that foreign policy begins and ends with turning their beautiful and proud country into the hands of Western governments and institutions. Ghana must certainly rank among the world's champions when it comes to all manner of NGOs...

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