Non-Aligned Movement "Let America teach by example.

Author:Mugabe, Robert
Position:For the Record

"Iraq might have developed or desired to develop arms of mass destruction. But the US has massive arms of that magnitude. Why can't the US demonstrate what Iraq should, by destroying their own massive heaps first?," he tells the 13th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement. This is an abridged version of his speech:

"The Non-Aligned Movement came into being as an instinctual and pragmatic response to an era of dangerous rivalry in global affairs. The United States and Soviet Union were locked in a deadly race in which the safety of our world from nuclear holocaust was said to be guaranteed by the deterrent value of Mutually Assured Destruction, known more aptly as MAD. The overarching doctrine was that those who were not superpowers or associates of the superpowers were not entitled to real choices. The bipolarity yielded the impulsion that you had to belong either to the United States or to the Soviet Union camp.

Our founding fathers, however, resisted that impulsion and refused to join either of the camps opting for neutrality as they established the Non-Aligned Movement which they based on the sound permanent values and moral norms that should govern international relations.

Today, however, we find ourselves in a new era of unipolarity constituting a portentous juncture in the history of our Movement characterised by unilateralism-cum-hegemonism, supported by an interventionist military doctrine that bids the more powerful to impose their will on those who, like many of us, are weak.

Colonialism now assumes a varied form, and seeks to garner all of us of the [developing world] as we get globally villagised under false economic pretences. We are cheated to believe that we shall all be equals in that village, but are denied to assume military strength of the same magnitude as that of the Western and more highly developed states.

We dare nor develop nuclear arms for this is a prerogative of only the big ones. Trade between rich and poor must be free and uninhibited, and no preferences or derogations will be tolerated in this global village governed by WTO norms.

Politically, our sovereignty will not have the same weight as that of big brother, and big brother has the right to determine the justice of our systems and not we his. As he likes, he can blatantly use his prejudice to determine and upset the validity of any of our elections and declare a validly elected president of a country illegitimate. But we must remain silent about the...

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