Alan's beef on women unwarranted.

Author:Wisdom Chitedze
Position::YOUR VIEWS - Letter to the editor

I think Alan Barnard's comments on the New African Woman magazine cannot go unresponded to. New African Woman is not a glamour magazine, it is a celebration of the African Woman. Just as the New African is a celebration of Africa, a media platform that is giving voice to Africans, celebrating our history and painting possible alternative futures, because in the past others did that for us and did it badly, NAW is celebrating the goddess that the African woman is, for she has often been marginalised and silenced.

As men, it behooves us to laud such efforts rather than stand aloof and make discouraging comments. The articles NAW carries do not overaggrandise the woman to the point of gloating-I find them well-balanced. Who can read the piece on Ariel...

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