Aids loan rejected.

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Zambia, said to be one of the countries hardest-hit by Aids in Africa, has rejected a World Bank loan to fund the fight against the syndrome. The loan was to be Zambia's share of almost $4 billion on offer from the World Bank to several countries in southern Africa.

But Zambia's health minister, David Mpamba, told reporters in Lusaka on 11 October that his country would not take up the offer because of the conditions attached to it. The World Bank wants the money directed at Aids research and consultancy, while Zambia wants to acquire cheap drugs to fight Aids.

Although the minister did not say it publicly, the Zambian authorities think if the money is spent on Aids research and consultancy, the money will end up in the pockets of "foreign" consultants while the country will be saddled with the debt. Moreover, the global Aids establishment has a history of hostility against Aids research findings from developing countries, especially from Africa.


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