Aid is about power.

Author:Johns, Trevor
Position:READERS' VIEWS - Letter to the editor

I read the article, "Africa: Time to break out" (NA, March) with great interest. I agree wholeheartedly with Ifa Kamau Cush's opinion that African countries should pay no attention to IMF and World Bank models, because of actual empirical evidence.


Some of the major recipients of IMF and World Bank aid over a number of years in Africa, like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Somalia, later became failed states. One World Bank report has even admitted that the three developing countries that have done the most to pull their people out of poverty on a mass-scale are Cuba, China and Vietnam. What the report, however, failed to say was that these are countries that have received no IMF and World Bank aid.

In Africa itself, the countries that have the best infrastructure and most flourishing economies are those that receive very little or no IMF and World Bank aid. Botswana does not receive IMF and World Bank aid but has a flourishing economy with good infrastructure and good governance. A...

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