AI agent application 1.0.

Position:Internet Focus - KazTrix AI Agent - Brief Article

KazTrix Corporation, provider of Web-ready software applications has announced its final Release of KazTrix AI Agent Application.

KazTrix AI Agent is an artificial intelligence application designed to build artificial software agents. The agents are then trained by the user and assist users in information gathering and management. These agents are designed to interact with the user and help build a virtual assistant capable of learning and managing information. AI Agent is designed to help any user with a computer. Users can manage information and retrieve it using the AI search method of AI Agent application.


AI Agent is an application that lets users build knowledge bases (Brains) which are are presented in a variety of new and unique ways. Users can appreciate the interactive nature of the animated agents. The ready-to-learn (Agents) live on a PC desktop, and are able to learn, search and retrieve, access online resources, read text and clone...

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