Agriculture: simple, cheap crop-saver.

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Precision-guided drops of nutritionally charged water have transformed a desolate and parched, communal small holding in Eastern Cape, South Africa into a thriving farm producing a bumper crop of carrots, tomatoes, peas, beans and beetroots.

The reason: A simple, inexpensive water and fertiliser drip irrigation system that constantly nurtures plants and seedlings.

Originally installed as an experiment by the Israeli embassy as an effort to find a workable solution to the food crisis in one of the poorest regions in South Africa, the system comprises an elevated tank and a network of tubing perforated with tiny holes. The device drips a mixture of water and fertiliser directly onto individual plants in such a way that they are neither undernourished nor overfed.

The soil and climatic conditions of the region are similar to those in Israel where the system was developed.

At a cost of...

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