AGGREKO AFRICA: WORKING ID BUILD STRONG AFRICAN LEADERSHIP: Interview with John Lewis, Managing Director, Africa--Aggreko.

Position:Talent Matters: The Employee Experience - Interview

Aggreko supplies temporary power generation equipment and temperature control equipment in over 100 countries, but the company puts a firm emphasis on its local expertise. John Lewis, its Managing Director for Africa, talks to us about how it is developing the employee experience in its African operations

How do you see the landscape today in Africa and the future forAggreko's business here?

It's a strongly performing part of the Aggreko business. Aggreko operates all around the world in all the continents, and Africa is a strong market for us traditionally. We are particularly well known for shorter term emergency power across a range of fuel types, technologies and size of generator, from short term demands for a couple of days up to months or even to two to three years.

Increasingly, we are seeing longer-term demands, and we are evolving to fulfil that need with new technology such as hybrids: solar battery arrays combined with thermal power, and also larger, more efficient engines which we refer to as a power block. We are obviously still doing the shorter term work, and it is still a strong part of our market, but we are increasingly getting into those longer term solutions across a range of customers from utilities through to industrial applications like mining, and oil and gas.

We know there is a really strong link between the employee experience and leadership in a number of areas. What's your philosophy on how leadership impacts on the employee experience, and what do you do to try and influence the employee experience positively at Aggreko?

You're absolutely right, I think it's fundamental. What Aggreko is about are our people, and our teams and their motivation, their skills and their application to what we do. That's what stands Aggreko out from everyone else. So a fundamental role of our leadership is to make sure our teams have got the capability, they've got the motivation, and they're focused, they're engaged and doing the right things for our customers.

We take a view in Aggreko, that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work--our business has extensive diversity which is unique in the industry. So as an example we operate in over 100 countries globally, where we speak probably 15 to 20 different languages, and in Africa alone we're in about 25 countries and of course we have a diversity of cultures and customs. So when it comes to communicating our vision, and engaging people, we need to factor all that in and make sure...

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