African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya.

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African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya


By Tabitha Kanogo

[pounds sterling]45 James Currey

ISBN 0-8214-1568-9

This social study fills a gap in the colonial history of Kenya. Kenyan women negotiated widespread changes in most domestic areas of their experience. Within a broad analysis of colonial opportunities for physical, social and educational mobility, Kanogo shows how African and British male authorities tried, with uncertain opinions and from different perspectives, to control female initiatives. She also shows how, to very varying degrees, women managed to achieve an increasing measure of control over their own lives.

This book describes women's experiences in debating the legal status of African women, their sexuality in culture and law as well as clitoridectomy, ethnicity and womanhood. It further explores issues such as 'bride price', legislation pertaining to marriage and maternity.


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