African Twilight backstory.

Author:Donovan, Alan
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I was delighted with your coverage of the great book African Twilight, by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, in 'Vanishing Africa (New African, November).

My relationship with both goes back a long time, to when I opened African Heritage. Angela Fisher staged the first exhibition of objects she collected with her group from her transcontinental journey across Africa in 1972. Twelve years later in 1984, we had a never-to-be-forgotten launch for her magnificent book, Africa Adorned.

Carol Beckwith arrived in Africa in 1973, and she also had an exhibition of her art at African Heritage the next year. Torn between art and photography, she then studied the Maasai of East Africa for several years, devoting her time to photographing the Maasai, after which she published the magnificent book, Maasai. Then she skipped across the continent to West Africa and spent years with another nomadic tribe, related to the Maasai, the Fulani (or Woodabe) after which she produced another wonderful...

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