African mother's lament.

Author:Mjumbe, K. Felix
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

Having read with keen fascination Akua Djanie's column, "Where Is the Safest Place to Raise Children" (NA, July), I think she has answered this question herself in the line: "Ghana is still a very safe place for children to live ...". End of discussion.

Did not Akua s own testing-the-waters experiment in London demonstrate why Western climates are not the ideal environment, especially for African males?

Here is a thing that needs to be said to all African mothers: Please stop attempting to raise African males to submit to the Eurocentric paradigms of functioning in the world, as these traits run counter to our innate African warrior and explorer nature.

Not every child needs to have an education that includes degrees upon degrees that leave them still non-functional. Look at those kids demonstrating on the streets of Lisbon, London and Paris not too long ago. Look at our educated African brothers of the northern countries demonstrating and self-immolating themselves.

If neither of Akua's sons is destined to be the next Samuel Eto'o or Roger Milla and/or...

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