300th African Business: top of the pile.

Author:Ritchie, Mark
Position:This Month's Prize Letter - Letter to the Editor

Hearty congratulations for achieving your 300th edition--and impressive it is. For anyone working on international issues, your journal should be on the top of the reading pile.


Understanding Africa is crucial, because Africa is becoming more and more influential in world affairs. Last month, African nations stood together to reject detrimental "new issues" proposed in the WTO trade talks in Geneva; meanwhile South Africa's recent alliance with Brazil, India and China is becoming an economically powerful counterforce to the US and Europe.

Africans also led the negotiations for a global "bio-safety" treaty, finalised last year, to regulate trade in genetically engineered organisms, and now lead the effort to achieve more flexible rules governing the production and trade in pharmaceuticals.

Our organisation, the Institute for...

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