African airlines: The future lies in economies of scale: Africa's skies are opening up, but will its airlines be able to take advantage of the new single market? In this special report, African Business examines the state of the aviation industry.

Position:Special Report: Aviation - Brief article

This has been a busy year for the African Union, with the launch of both the Continental Free Trade Area and the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM). Launched in January, SAATM aims to deregulate the aviation sector, open up Africa's skies and improve intra-African air connectivity.

We have been there before with the Yamassoukrou Declaration, although this latest agreement, signed by 23 countries to date, including those hosting the continent's biggest carriers, has been structured to deliver results with a clear framework and regulatory text--something that was missing in Yamassoukrou.

Air travel remains the most effective way to move people around, both nationally and internationally. Its...

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