Africa's agribusiness potential.

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Selected countries: Share of GDP and labour force occupation Ethiopia 42% GNP Kenya 30% GNP Tanzania 27% GNP Nigeria 23% GNP Ethiopia 85% of labor force Kenya 75% of labor force Tanzania 80% of labor force Nigeria 70% of labor force The importance of agriculture:

Agricultural production is the -most important sector in most African countries, averaging 24% of GDP

The sector accounts for as much as 70% of employment across the continent.

Agribusiness input supply, processing, -marketing, and retailing add about 20% of GDP for the region.

The shortfalls:


African countries spend an estimated $35bn annually on food imports.


Irrigation alone could increase African output by up to 50%.


75% of Africa's cultivated soil is degraded, costing African countries up to 10% of their GDP.


Only 16% of sub-Saharan Africa's roads are paved and only 25% of rural people have access to market within two hours.


Only around 5% of cultivated land in Africa is irrigated (compared with 41% in Asia).


Sub-Saharan Africa's share of world agricultural exports fell from almost 8% in 1970 to 2% in 2009.

The potential: Despite this, the sector's potential is vast


The World Bank estimates that the agriculture and agribusiness sectors will become a $1tr market by 2030.

--60% of the...

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