Africa's Miss World: Proud of the girl! (The Gallery).

Position:Agbani Asenite Darego of Nigeria - Brief Article

Ladbrokes, the British and official bookmakers of the Miss World beauty pageant did not even rank her 100-1 to win. In fact, Ladbrokes did not give any of the African beauties in the tournament a dog's chance.

In the end, some nice people went home eating, fat dollops of humble pie when the Nigerian beauty, Agbani Asenite Darego, 18, and nearly 6 feet tall, returned home to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, with the covered Miss World trophy, and thus, became black Africa's first winner of the title.

There had been three African winners in the past, but they had either been white Africans or Arab Africans -- one from Egypt 1954, and two from South Africa 1958 and 1974. Since then, every year, the black African beauties had paraded their natural endowments before the Miss World judges, but had returned home disappointed.

Agbani, slim and leggy, and a student of mathematics and computer science at the University of Port Harcourt, ensured that, that dismal run ended at the 51st edition of Miss World held at the South African resort of Sun City on 16 November.

To be fair, she is not the first black African beauty to win a global crown. On 27 May 1999, the then 19-year-old Mpule Kwelagobe, from Botswana, became the third African to win the Miss Universe title at its 48th edition. South Africa (1978) and Namibia (1992) had been the previous African winners.

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