Africa and its agricultural produce.

Author:Khumalo, Bhekuzulu
Position::Reader's views - Letter to the editor

I have never seen a chocolate bar in the West with the words manufactured or processed in Ghana (the producers of so much cocoa) on it. It is about time Africa looked at this matter more seriously.

For over 60 years now, Africa and the West have discussed drawing up a significant agricultural agreement, but nothing has come to fruition. All we hear constantly are a barrage of words and calls for free trade.


Why is it that the West can accept processed agricultural produce from countries like China or Brazil, but not from Africa? There are many reasons; one of them is the portrayal of Africa in the media, as a dirty and disease-infested place. Yet, I have never heard of mad cow disease in Africa! And again, how come the same diseased Africa is only good for its...

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