Africa emerges as a leading career destination.

Author:Adcock, Rupert

With the global competitive landscape changing dramatically, Africa is now emerging as a leading employment location. many firms operating across Africa are recruiting aggressively and the African job market in 2011 is looking robust with a significant increase in the number of jobs compared with the same time last year, writes Rupert Adcock (pictured) from the international recruitment consultancy, global career company.

The London-based Global Career Company best known for the Careers in Africa event, has reported a 20% increase in the number of roles and companies recruiting for Africa in the first quarter of 2011 alone, compared to similar data from the beginning of 2010. Demand for highly skilled professionals with a background in engineering, pharmaceuticals, mining, technology and manufacturing continues to be strong.

The African diaspora has taken note of this trend and is voting with their feet. A recent survey conducted by the Careers in Africa team reveals that 35% of respondents were looking to move back home in 2011 and a further 29% were looking to move within one to two years. When asked about the key drivers for looking to work in Africa, "opportunities to fast track my career" was the leading response. Africa's growing economy* was ranked second whilst "returning home to family" and "the ability to apply international knowledge to local markets" came joint third. Incidentally, "financial incentives" and "giving back" were ranked last.

The global war for the best talent is increasingly apparent, as talent is geographically mobile and happy to move for the best job. Price Waterhouse & Coopers Saratoga's latest report contends that emerging markets are coming to the fore as they compete in the talent marketplace to develop their own and to attract others from across the globe. The best candidates are more demanding, not only for compensation, but also for career progression, training, and development. Employee loyalty is dwindling, as candidates are happy to switch companies on average every two years. It is therefore no surprise that Africa, which is booming, is now gaining more attention as its perception on the global platform changes.

Companies that are recruiting have specific priorities. Some are looking to source individuals with extensive industry experience who can quickly adapt in different geographies, particularly in banking...

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