Africa day in prague.

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As the African community in the Czech Republic grows, so is the importance to them of Africa Day, 25 May, the day the OAU was founded in 1963. 25 May has since become a day of profound significance for Africans at home and abroad. It is a day that provides a new dynamism and a rallying focus for Africans everywhere to demonstrate greater unity of purpose and common cause.

No wonder, this year, Africa Day was celebrated in a grand style by the African community in the Czech Republic, supported to the hilt (for the first time) by the nine African ambassadors accredited to Prague. A whole week was consecrated to the occasion.

Organised by Humanitas Afrika (which is fast becoming the pre-eminent African NGO in Prague), with financial and other support from the Africa diplomatic community, the week's activities included a "walkathon" in central Prague, public lectures, African cuisine, fashion parade, a football match between an all African team and a Czech team, live...

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