Author:Williams, Stephen
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Text by Jean Godall & Michelle Gilders

[pounds sterling]30 Harvill

ISBN 1-08046-907-8

Art Wolfe has been photographing Africa for over two decades. His focus has been on Africa's natural' world, specifically its wildlife, and the environments and peoples with which it coexists.

Unusually, this coffee-table format book, with more than 200 photographs, is based on the landscape -- its spine is shorter than the width of the page. This gives emphasis to the striking cross-page panorama shots that introduce the key five chapters -- Savannah, Woodland, Rainforest, Wetland and Desert.

Following Jane Goodall's foreword which makes an impassioned plea for the importance of conservation in Africa, Michelle Gilders provides a thoughtful text. She describes the various environments and provides a summary of the particular challenges facing their ecosystems - principally, of course, the impact of man's activities.

Some of the photographs may be familiar. At least two of the images have been used as book jacket illustrations, most recently the head of a Karo tribesman from Ethiopia used for Rysard Kapuscinsky's book, The Shadow of the Sun - My African Life (see African Business September 2001).

Photo captions are sparse. They give the common name of the species photographed...

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