Accountants enjoy Brazil boom.

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There has been a 60 per cent surge in the number of accountancy jobs in Brazil over the past two years and accountants working there are now the second-best-paid in the world.


This has been driven largely by the country's rapid economic growth and its adoption of international financial reporting standards (IFRS), according to recruitment consultancy Marks Sattin. By 2011 most of Brazil's 5.9 million small and medium-sized enterprises will have to employ IFRS-trained accountants. The government hopes the financial transparency that the standards encourage will boost Brazil's competitiveness.

On an international comparison measured by purchasing power parity (PPP), the salaries of Brazil's accountants are second only to those of their equivalents in Peru, who earn $3,741 a month on average.

"If annual growth continues at the current rate and inflation remains under control, Brazil will be the fifth-largest economy in the world within just a few years," said Daniel Santiago Faria, country manager for Brazil at Marks Sattin. He added that...

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