Accountability and knowledge transfer still a sticking point in sourcing agreements.


Increasing use of multi-sourcing requires a fresh approach to supplier engagement to drive the right behaviours and deliver the desired business outcome, says SQS

Recent research from software quality experts, SQS has revealed that confusion over ownership continues to be a major pain point for organisations when it comes to supplier relationships.

The results, which come from an on-stand survey carried out at this year World Congress for Software Quality, reveal that accountability for a successful delivery is the biggest pain point for software professionals (25 per cent) when it comes to supplier relationships. This can often lead to confusion over who takes responsibility for projects and tasks in the outsourcing process. which can lead to delays. Knowledge transfer (24 per cent) and limited flexibility from suppliers (18 per cent) were also listed as top outsourcing concerns.

The research also highlighted specialist knowledge and expertise (30 per cent) as the most important criteria for organisations when looking for a supplier. Consistent delivery (18 per cent) and a quality management approach (16 per cent) were also key priorities for businesses when considering their supplier relationships. While team chemistry (five per cent) and cultural alignment (nine per cent) are considered less important.

Having a multi-sourcing approach when it comes to outsourcing, allows businesses to work with a range of suppliers who have relevant experience and expertise to meet business objectives. This is fast becoming a popular way to accelerate transformation, with 42 per cent of professionals surveyed currently working with a combination of large and small suppliers, with 32...

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