About this issue's cover.

Author:Antliff, Allan

The compelling portrait of George Woodcock gracing the cover of Anarchist Studies was taken sometime before his departure for Canada by Vernon Richards (1915-2001), husband of Woodcock's close friend Marie-Louise Berneri (1918-1949). In his Parttime Photographer's Portrait Gallery(1999) Richards reproduces this photograph with a cursory entry:

George Woodcock came to the anarchists sometime in the war years. He was always a pacifist. A good writer who contributed to, and at one stage was one of the editors of Freedom. In 1949 he emigrated to Canada.... For the rest his life he was unsympathetic to anarchists, having become in Canada a very important writer ... obviously not on anarchism! Nevertheless there were years when George was my comrade. (1) This brings to mind a poem Woodcock wrote in 1976 likening anarchism to a raven--powerful, wild, dying and regenerative...

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