30 Days until GDPR becomes law: Hype is High, security by designpreparedness is low.

Author:Weeks, Derek
Position:DATABASE AND NETWORK INTELLIGENCE - General Data Protection Regulation - Brief article

"In 30 days GDPR will become law. Unfortunately, far too many organisations are ill prepared when it comes to their compliance readiness. The first large scale breach following 25th May will demonstrate just how unprepared the industry is when it comes to their cybersecurity hygiene.

"As the countdown ramps up, companies can take three steps to improve their cybersecurity hygiene:

"First and foremost: identify what's in their software--a sort of health check. This provides the opportunity to identify any vulnerabilities, update to safer component versions and ensure those versions are deployed into production environments.

"Secondly: invest in training to help upskill teams. With developers outnumbering security professionals 100:1, security needs to become the responsibility of the whole team, not just a select few. Security teams will never scale to the size of development teams, so new approaches toward training and guiding developers in secure coding practices are imperative.


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