Author:Lancaster, Pat


MUCH OF THE MIDDLE EAST REGION IS IN DISARRAY; IN Libya, conflict continues; the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have agreed to support the ruling family in Bahrain against the protestors in Manama. Meanwhile, in Cairo, with only the partial return of the police and security services, the issue of law and order is causing serious and escalating concerns now the sheer delight and elation at the departure of Hosni Mubarak has died down.

The world stands firmly behind the Middle East in its quest for democracy and freedom from tyranny but sometimes the heady scent of revolution in the air can impair other senses.

Not all the leaders of the Arab world are tyrants or despots. True, there are few - if any - countries that can be said to be truly democratic when compared to the western model, but none have had the same number of centuries to fine tune their electoral process as those in the West. And democracy is a constant learning process. Currently in Westminster--the...

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