2019 IT Trend Predictions.

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Artificial Intelligence will discover innovative new areas of application

We expect 2019 to deliver increased adoption of ML and its applications. Increased collaboration between startups and established system integrators will also enable robust, production grade deployments of applied AI/ML solutions, contributing again to increased commitment.

Access to capabilities provided by digitalised ecosystems will increase.

2018 bore witness to many notable store closures on the high street. While the experience of shopping online is becoming increasingly preferable to consumers because of its many benefits, retailers who started off on the high street haven't been able to match the experience and convenience of the new-age Digital-only giants, who have been making best use of technology to provide personalised experiences, efficient stock management and distribution channels, all of which lead to increased customer loyalty.

Increase in shift towards voice/messaging.

We have come a long way in the evolution of human-machine interaction--from the punch cards of 30 years back to the command prompts of the 90s to almost-human levels of interaction with Digital devices today. While we originally needed to learn and understand a specific language/set of commands to interact with the computer (whether language, commands or a console), it is now the age where machines try and understand what is meant by human beings when they ask Alexa or Siri to 'book a cab for my flight'.

Increased degree...

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