20 billion spam emails are targeted at UK computer users.

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IronPort Systems have announced the availability of its 2008 Internet Security Trends Report. The IronPort report highlights the key security trends of today and suggests ways to defend against the sophisticated new generation of Interact threats certain to arise in the future. Key highlights

* 120 billion spare messages are sent every day worldwide

* 20 billion spam messages are targeted at the UK every day

* 98% of all email traffic is now spam

* UK on-line Christmas shopping to be targeted

* In 2008 social network sites will become prime source of personal data for spam gangs to target UK Amateur Hour is Over--spam is now a $200 billion business "2007 marks a turning point for threats in the UK. Just when malware design seemed to have reached a plateau, new attack techniques have emerged, some so complex--and obviously not the work of amateurs--they could have only been designed by means of sophisticated research and development," IronPort.

"For a time, security controls designed to manage malware were working. But, as a...

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