• Workers from China to Japan. The Role of the Chinese Labour Agencies in Japanese Foreign Trainee and Technical Intern System

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Master of Science, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University, Sweden, 2011; Bachelor of Law, Ocean University of China, China, 2009)


China has a large number of abundance workers, especially low skilled workers. More and more Chinese are seeking for job opportunities oversea. However, Japan lacks a sufficient number of domestic low skilled workers. Japan has the demand of foreign low skilled workers. Therefore, Japan built a foreign trainee and technical intern system and a lot of Chinese workers go to Japan via this system. Most of the previous researches focus on the labour rights problems of these foreign workers in this system in Japan. This book pays more attention on the role of Chinese labour agencies. Because the Chaos governance of labour agency in China, the labour agencies infringe Chinese workers' labour rights. I hope the migration worker's rights can be improved from this research on labour agencies.

MATERIAS: Japanese foreign trainee and technical intern system, International migration theories, Chinese labour agencies, Labour contract