• Witness and the Criminal Justice System. Researching consequences of being a witness

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(Dr G S Bajpai is currently Professor & Chairperson at the Centrefor Civil & Criminal Justice Administration, National LawInstitute University, Bhopal,India.He specializes incriminology,criminal law,victimology and criminal justicestudies.He conducted advanced research/teaching in many universities in France,the U.K.,Japan and the Netherlands.)


Issues and problems of witnesses did not receiveenough research attention worldwide.While a witness is a friend and facilitator of the criminal justice process,(s)he often faces unfair deal at the hands of criminal justice agencies.The book is about an empirical study on witnesses; their problems,hostility and assistance. The key objective of the study was to highlight the problems faced by the witnesses in their interaction with criminal justice agencies. The study also examines the witness hostility and associated factors. The need and shape of witness protection relevant to Indian context is a major focus in this work. The research identifies the areas of concern for witnesses in their interaction with police,prosecution, court and society.Conducted on a sample of about eight hundred witnesses in various criminal cases,the research makes useful contribution to the knowledge and offers scope to improve criminaljustice policies.

MATERIAS: criminal justice system, witness, hostality, perjury law, Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Evidence Act, Prosecution, Criminal law, criminology