• Unfair Usage of Trademarks via Internet. Unfair Usage of Trademarks via Internet

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(Mr.N.Berkay KIRCI gratuated from faculty of Law in 2001. He completed his Master of Science study in Middle East Technical University (METU) - Science and Technology Policy Studies. He mostly focused his studies on intellectual property matters and is actively working as an attorney at law, a registered trademark and patent attorney.)


The inconceivable penetration of internet, has started to pave the way for some novel aspects that could cause unfair usage and infringement of trademarks. In the book, after mentioning some basic concepts regarding trademark law such as such as definition of trademark, scope of trademark protection, conditions and aspects of trademark infringement, famous marks and its exceptional protection, dilution of a trademark, etc. and after constituting the current framework of trademark protection in Turkey, some issues which US and EU countries recently faced in relation to trademark protection via internet, such as: “domain name and trademark disputes”, “internet search engine – keyword metatag problems”,“linking” and “framing” issues tried to be examined in detail. In the course of this examination,some set of rules, criterias also set forth hinging on the current judgements of the said countries. In the conclusion phase, the question whether these issues could be handled or overcomed by the current legislation in Turkey and the need for rearrangements and/or modifications in trademark law in Turkey also discussed.

MATERIAS: trademark, Internetrecht, Information and Communications Technologies, Law, infringement