• Understanding Copyright Through Judicial Precedent. A Glimpse of Copyright Development

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(After LL.B. in 1999, LL.M. in 2004 and qualifying UGC-NET, the author started his career as Lecturer in Law. Awarded Ph.D in IP Laws. He has 12 articles and 20 Seminars etc in his credit. Now working as Assistant Professor in WBES,Hooghly Mohsin College,Govt. of W.B. He is also guiding and supervising students of LL.M. and Ph.D. in their research.)


Supreme mission of the copyright law has been to motivate the creation of intellectual works for public welfare resulting enrichment of public at large and to secure economic recognition for those who are affianced in the thought creation process and in the creative works dissemination process. However, due to global recognition and value addition to copyrighted works, it has been comparable with industries, which can earn by exploiting the intellectual works of creators. Today, copyright has been moving from an author’s concern to the concept of ‘industrial property’ resulting change of role of copyright which becomes indispensable overshadowing the limitations imposed upon, in the name of limited monopoly. It has, nowadays, converted into a substantial contributor of the state revenue. In this book landmark judicial verdicts have been analysed to trace the principles of law evolved; to find out the areas of rampant infringement of copyright for which the creators/owners as well as investors are scantily suffering throughout the globe; and finally to reach out the possible ways to combat the infringement of copyright to promote wholehearted and unrestricted global creative works.

MATERIAS: Intellectual Property, Copyright Infringement, Economic Losses, Judicial Pronouncement, Electronic Infringement, Commercial Exploitation